Ethical Hacking Part 1 || Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

Introduction To Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

Ok guys welcome to the very first part of online ethical hacking course by Santosh Baral. In this post we will be learning about what is ethical hacking and cyber security and something more related to this .  Let`s start it right now without wasting any time.

  • What is ethical hacking ?
  • Ethical hackingrefers to the activity of finding weaknesses and vulnerabilities of computer and various system like malicious hackers(Black hat Hacker/Bad Hackers) to maintain the security of system to stop malicious hacker. Ethical hackingis also known as penetration testing, intrusion testing, and red teaming.
  • Ethical Hacker(White Hat Hacker) / ROLE
  • Ethical Hackers are security professional how do the hacking for good purpose or to main the cyber security. Ethical Hackers are also known as White Hat Hacker
  • The role of ethical hacking is like penetration tester. Some of the major roles are:-
  1. Scanning the ports and searching for vulnerabilities
  2. Bypassing and cracking wireless encryption and sniffing networks
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  • What is cyber security ?
  • Cyber security refers to the protection of computer system , programs , data and network from any kind of digital attacking / hacking OR         protection to the computer system from theft or any damage of hardware ,  software or information.
  • The world of internet is run with the rules of this cyber security . To maintain cyber security there are various cyber law . Cyber security is necessary thing in this wolrd of internet
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NOTE :- This is only for educational Purpose don’t use it in bad way..



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