How to make own search engine like google without coding..

Hello guys welcome back again . Today I am again back with a new topic . Hope you guys will like it , if you like it than please don`t forget to share this post . My next post will be about hacking or about mod apk or some tech related . I will be posting daily if possible . The only thing I need from my visitors is their support so , please keep supporting me . I thing you have already know our today’s topic . We will be using google to make you own search engine as similar to google. Opps I told you the trick . HAHA , ok lets start our today`’s topic


So, firstly check if your connected to the internet or not . If you are not connected to the internet than connect to it right now.(don’t take previous line seriously because without internet you can’t read this post).Ok now open the browser in your phone or mobile or in your desktop . I recommend you to use chrome. Now type and go to the google search place.

Now search for google my way and select the first website.

Once you successfully get into that place you will see something like enter your name there you have to enter what you want to keep the name of your search engine and click on create .

After you click on create you will be directly redirect to the search engine that you have create just now . One this just look similar to google and have same interface like google , bing , yahoo and soon.

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