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Hello guys welcome back once again again I am back with a new article hope you guys will like this new article . As you site is blocked by Facebook . We have a new way to share in Facebook  we will provide a link in the last of this article you can share that link in Facebook . You can share this article in other different social medias like twitter, LinkedIn, forums,etc. So without wasting any time last move to the topic . And today you topic is how to hide files inside images in Linux so please share and help us to get more.

Steps to hide files inside images

Step#1: – Open terminal in your Linux operating system (works on every Linux OS )

Step#2: – Go to the file location where you want to form a new image and keep one image also in that folder (Command for desktop folder :- cd Desktop) . Using this link you can go to Desktop.

Step#3:- Create a new text file using terminal (Command : – echo Your text >filename.txt )

Step#4: – Form new Image using the image store in the folder ( Command: – cat imagename.jpg filename.txt >newimagename.jpg)

Step#5: – See the hidden file detail inside image ( Command: – hd newimagename.jpg   or  strings newimagename.jpg ) The hidden content will be shown in the last.

So this is all the process to hide file inside the image . Hope you all like this article if you want more and want to help us please click on one ads to help us continue the blogging . We will be back with another article soon . Have a good time bye bye…..

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