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In Tech OH : Today we are going to teach you all how can you install Kali Linux on windows without Dual boot and without using virtual box or Vmware . Firstly let me tell you that Kali Linux is also a operation system like Window but if we know the right use of Kali Linux than we can do many interesting thing. If you want to learn wifi hacking click here.


As many of us are kali and window both lover but due to some problem we can do dual boot or can use linux in some case. So if you want to run kali and windows both than just Follow me…

Step#1: Open Control Panel and search for program manufactures(Program Features) then you can see the option like turn windows features on or off  in the left top click there and search for Windows subsystem for Linux and click it and turn it on , once you turn that feature restart your PC.

Step#2: Open Microsoft store after restarting you PC and search for kali linux and click on get to install it .

Step#3: Lunch the Kali Linux after installation . It will ask for username and password with you set all the things. And type the command sudo apt-get install goldeneye  and press enter and you are done .


In this way you all can install kali linux in your windows without doing dual boot or using software like VR or VM. If you guys like this article share this with your friends and give a like to it. Keep supporting guys and Subscribe to us via blog , you can subscribe us by using your email . To subscribe look at the down side of the article you will see it . After you subscribe you need to confirm you email and you will get notification/mail when we post new articles..


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