How to find errors on your computer using Cmd


Hello guys welcome back again . Hope you guys are fine and today I am back with a brand new topic . I have not get any topic to write and article than one of my visitor advise me to write an article on how to scan your computer using command prompt . Hope you guys will like it . So , lets move to our topic.

Most of the people use third party software to scan their computer but the really dont konw that the antivirus software makes their computer slow and uses much of the RAM. So will to suggest apl you guys not to use any third party  antivirus software . I know some of you guys make be unknown about command prompt tricks so please read whole article if you want to be learn 100% nicely. The first thing you need to do is open the command prompt as administration so that you can run any program some of the code dont work unless you run command prompt as administration. If you dont know how to run command prompt than I will tech you that means the process is down below


Step 1 :- Firstly open comand prompt as administration by click windows_key+X” and selecting “command prompt(Admin)” from the menu

Than the command prompt will open and you can see a black box like window . Now you have to type all the codes that i have provide you .

If you want to run specific disk only it take much time but i will teach you all the process . So for specific disk you need to use these command Given below :-

Step 2 :- chkdsk “drive name” and enter . for example if you want to check drive c you need to use this command ( chkdsk c: ) then click enter .

• Note :- After you enter the command it may take 1-3  minutes to check you drive .

If you want to check your whole computer disk at one time than you can use this below command :-

* chkdsk . Enter that command and click enter and this may take upto 5 min or more according to you files and folders numbers.

This much in this article guys . I will be back soon with another new article soon. If you want to support me than you can share this post or for any helo you can conatct me through contact us page. Next post will be how to make you own antivirus software or how to make you own hotspot software. Thank you.

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